Great game… or greatest game? And should we be worried?

January 17, 2008

I hate to steal the lead post from Dash – particularly when it involves perpetual Yesterday’s Salad crush, Catherine Keener – but I felt I had the lede to justify it:

Videogames may be close to reaching a point of singularity – wherein exponentially increasing gravitational forces cause matter to fuse together in a single point – signaling of the coming collapse of the universe.  For proof, witness this:

The remaining fragments of the pre-Socratic philosopher Empedocles foretold of a universe oscillating between singularity and chaos:

A twofold tale I shall tell: at one time it grew to be one alone out of many, at another again it grew apart to be many out of one. Double is the birth of mortal things and double their failing; for one is brought to birth and destroyed by the coming together of all things, the other is nurtured and flies apart as they grow apart again. And these things never cease their continual exchange, now through Love all coming together into one, now again each carried apart by the hatred of Strife. So insofar as it has learned to grow one from many, and again as the one grows apart [there] grow many, thus far do they come into being and have no stable life; but insofar as they never cease their continual interchange, thus far they exist always changeless in the cycle.*

This “hybrid” game seems to be the embodiment of the “coming together into one” that Empedocles foretold, as separate creatures, Mario and the Master Chief, combine.  So too, while the mixed forces of the Koopa Troop and Covenant conspire against our heroes, they unwittingly play into the progress of the universe’s regression towards a single source.  Yet despite the seamlessness with which two worlds mix, there may indeed be “no stable life” for the Mario-Chief chimera, as the twin forces of copywrite and legality prove more powerful than cosmic strife.

*Translation from The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

2 Responses to “Great game… or greatest game? And should we be worried?”

  1. dailysalad Says:

    Don’t worry about stealing the lead. I’m just glad you brought this to my attention.

  2. Isaac Says:

    That is the most incredible game of all time.

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