The boys are back in town…

January 27, 2008

Devotees will appreciate the return of (ir)regular game reviews to Yesterday’s Salad, particularly of the Adventure Game Studio (AGS) variety.  For the moment, here is an interesting article about strategy games at Gamasutra.

As yours truly covered this subject in earlier articles, a caveat I have with the Gamasutra article (which bemoans the fact that “Real Time Strategy” games are more like “Real Time Tactics” games) is that there’s not that much “tactical” thinking in most of these games, either.  For the most part, these games (while fun) require you to build a larger force than your opponent, and just sort of crush them, with the only “tactics” being the obscene amount of micromanagement required.  A real tactical game would allow more strategies (e.g. hit and run, ambushes, etc.), a more detailed consideration of maneuvering (such as in the excellent Myth: The Fallen Lords), and allow for more robust orders (such as having different classes of units employ different strategies) which can themselves be automated.  Nevertheless, it’s

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