Yesterday’s Salad Index 3/15/08

March 15, 2008

Previous installments of the Yesterday’s Salad Index: 0

Percentage of hits due to ibiteyoureyes’ posts about foot fetishists on Craigslist: %15

Average hits due to ibiteyoureyes’ “hottest cartoon redheads” post: 80

Average of these hits due to searches for “Jessica Rabbit”: 79

Comments asking for the return of L. P. Mandrake: 7

Typos featured in an average Yesterday’s Salad post: 4

Typos featured in an average L.P. Mandrake post: 0.2

Combined years of Yesterday’s Salad graduate school attendance: 6

Total letters contained in said graduate degrees: 11

Letters belonging to Rabbi Haverstam: 6

Barenaked Ladies albums listened to while composing last NWB post: 3

Years since listening to Barenaked Ladies was socially acceptable in the United States: 10

Diatribes written by the Ciceronian: 3

References to Cicero contained in the Ciceronian’s last posting: 67

Cumulative references to Catullus contained in the Ciceronian’s postings: 2

Unedited manuscripts written by Dash: 2

Total references to Portal in NWB postings thus far: 7

Letters of hate mail received after Yahtzee retrospective: 7

Letters of hate mail with correct punctuation, spelling, or coherence: 2

2 Responses to “Yesterday’s Salad Index 3/15/08”

  1. theciceronian Says:

    I do not believe i have ever referenced the vile poet Catullus, but perhaps my archnemesis and enemy Catiline.

  2. JT Says:

    I am sorry to see that my “who the fuck is JT?” or, simply, “left field posts by JT” didn’t merit inclusion on the YS index. This is a soul-sucking moment for all anarchists-turn-Republicans. That is Republican in the Aristotelean sense. xo. JT.

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