Actually, I don’t know if that’s true. But, I do need to report that rumors of Derek Jeter visiting Austin are true. While visiting the legendary Bryan from Cake City and Hash Browns…and Toast!, said Bryan and I went to the Austin Four Seasons where we were told that Derek Jeter was there with some very attractive women. I did a once over of the room, and sure enough he was there. About 20 minutes later I decided to actually say something to him. For no reason whatsoever, I had “Huey Lewis and the News” on my mind. And, because the piano player wouldn’t play “Hip to Be Square,” I decided to ask Mr. Jeter what he thought of the band.

After Bryan told a clearly uninterested Jeter that he wasn’t a Yankees fan but really respected him as a ballplayer, I decided to tell Mr. Jeter that we had bet on whether or not he liked Huey Lewis and the News. He asked me what I said, I said that he did, and Mr. Jeter, looking nonplused, said “That’s right,” as if it was somehow possible not to like Huey Lewis and the News.

No, it’s not exactly a ringing endorsement of the band’s merits, but still something that the world should know about.

And, in other Huey Lewis news, did you know that they’re Academy Award nominees for “The Power of Love”? Huey Lewis 1, Donald Sutherland, Bruce Willis, Martin Sheen 0