Ceci n’est pas une post

August 19, 2008

Turning a year older, I find myself further confused by society’s direction.  Since Yesterday’s Salad began, the site has gone through many changes, as the various writers have nudged the boundries of its format in search of a more comfortable voice.  So too, the length and frequency of posts has been extremely variable, and while the afforementioned changes in tone are part of the site’s growth, I must apologize for contributing to the lag in posts.  Yet, as the site has seen both a hodge-podge of writers (most of whom remain elusive), and even a recent flame war, I’m perplexed by the site’s trajectory, as it sails through society’s current (let’s be honest – the internet might as well be society at this point).

So, rather than writing up some somber meditation about myself, the nature of society, or some convoluted term like society/net/life, I offer this: a year older, I am pleased that this site still exists, and pledge to continue with it, regardless of the direction that it takes.