Screen 5 – 7 – 5

September 2, 2008

With any luck, the Screen 7 Game of the Year (so far) awards should be announced soon. Providing complete reviews of each game in this space would likely exceed the scope of our column (we at Yesterday’s Salad are doing our part to ration ascii until the War on Terror is won), so here’s our most concise summary of the entrants.

Reality on the Norm: Au Naturel

A classic series

Exposed for all to see it

Ow – my virgin eyes

Barn Runner 5: The Forever Friday 1

Taken care of soon

There is no where to run to

Night chickens attack

Ben There, Dan That!

Two are a good pair

Cleverness is found to be


Dread MacFarlane

Lavishly drawn here

A pirate lost among boys

Stands out — en français

Lost in the Nightmare: ‘Save Our Souls’

Cutting to the quick

Darker than the typical

I think I’ll hide now



You are a dash clever one

Reviewed before here

Once Upon A Crime

Lil’ Red on the case

Good that this doesn’t happen

Around these here parts

Quest For Yrolg

Triumph of evil

Surely a fate worse than death

Reign of doom, Cuppit.

Play them all, and best of luck!

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