The State of the Race (pt.2)

December 15, 2008

With the Word of the Year race in full swing, it’s time to turn our gaze on that other great race: what movies will be nominated for best picture?

Let’s start with stating the obvious: this is a weak year. Really weak. As in Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday–weak. Weaker than that pun. One could even say ‘bootylicious,’ as in ‘bootylicious’ adj. ” 1. Of rap lyrics: bad, weak. rare. ”

1992 ‘SNOOP DOGGY DOGG’ Fuck Wit Dre Day (song) in ‘Dr. Dre’ Chronic (album), Them rhymes you were kickin were quite bootylicious.

In 2008, everyone seems to have invested all their energies into electing a democratic president or Ponzi schemes; no-one seems to have wanted to make a great movie. Some movies have been very good (Slumdog Millionare, Rachel Getting Married, and The Dark Knight come to mind) while others have been, “Really? This is supposed to be great?”, a category that includes the vastly overrated Wall*E. (For what it’s worth, I will be offering proper reviews of these movies over the next week, and probably a reappraisal of The Dark Knight, a movie of whose brilliance I’m now certain.)

We finally have enough data to release the first round of our rankings. Here is the top 10. There is a lot of parity.

1. Wall-E, 2.003

2. Slumdog Millionare, 1.729

3. Milk, 1.54

4. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, 1.389

4. Frost/Nixon, 1.389

6. The Dark Knight, .84

6. The Wrestler, .84

6. Gran Torino, .84

9. Burn After Reading, .62

10. Revolutionary Road, .549

10. The Reader, .549

Even though it’s number one, I think Wall-E is the most likely movie of the top 5 to drop out, simply because it’s animated. I also expect TDK to move up as Guild awards come in. I can’t imagine that SAG and the Producers won’t offer up love to the 2nd highest grossing movie of all time, and an ensemble film at that.