I’m operating under the assumption that the few people who still check the Home Page of Yesterday’s Salad are obsessive movie-watchers eager for me to make claims about what will be nominated for best picture. This is probably a bad assumption; people checking the home page are more likely to be ibiteyoureyes completists, whose obsessions will not tolerate a missed post. To you I say: greetings!

So, herewith is our top-15, with unexplained numbers at the side.

1. The Hurt Locker, 5.933

2. Up in the Air, 4.208

3. Precious, 3.94

4. Inglourious Basterds, 3.61

5. Avatar, 2.568

6. An Education, 2.27

7. Up, 2.068

8. Invictus, 1.608

9. Nine, 1.335

10. A Serious Man, 1.33

11. Star Trek, 1.118

12. The Messenger, .84

13. District 9, .738

14. The Hangover, .643

15. (500) Days of Summer, .563

My top 10 compares pretty favourably to the ranking of experts over at Awards Daily. The big difference: I have “Nine” hanging on in the top-10 while they have “District 9.” Again, not much difference. Also, looking at the list of movies ranked below the top-10, the only ones I can see making any push to upend “Nine” are “District 9,” “The Messenger,” and “The Hangover.” My gut tells me that “The Messenger” actually has the edge, but that “Nine” will have a lot of support because of its high production value.

Either way, expanding the list to 10 has taken a lot of the fun out of trying to predict the nominees. The sad thing is, you could come up with a list of 5 really good movies this year, 5 deserved nominees. Ten really does cheapen everything.