Viven Las Resistances

January 15, 2010

Allow myself to re-introduce myself.

Dailysalad has been quietly reviving the Salad. Did you notice? Of course you did, you’re here! I noticed too, and I’m fucking pumped. So fucking pumped that I’m back.sup dude In case you forgot about me (you shouldn’t have because I was your favorite), here’s a mini-profile. Pretend with me that we’re on a mini-Facebook.

Name: Cody the Destroyer
Interests: Tacos and Comedy
Status: F’ing Pumped
Listening To: Andrew WK

Ok, stop pretending. Mini-Facebook sucks. Did you know people mini-Photoshop their mini-photos? STOP IT, I KNOW WHAT YOU LOOK LIKE.

Anyways, as to why I’m generally useful to the Salad community — I would hope to be described as appreciated for my enthusiasm and humor. I’ll keep a lid on until Captain Dailysalad gives me some more direction.
Salad Pain

One Response to “Viven Las Resistances”

  1. dailysalad Says:

    Maybe we should all write miniprofiles. This was pretty amusing.

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