The Only Thing on my TV is Khan

February 1, 2010

First of all, that isn’t true. I just watched The Simpsons on Hulu. But after that delightful nonsense, I headed to school.

The Khan Academy is a series of over one thousand videos (and growing) teaching subjects ranging from calculus

Whoa! Too complicated. REWIND!

…to arithmetic.

Ahh, that’s more my speed.

Salman Khan, the teacher in every video (and I think the sole creator) has a soothing voice and his lo-fi blackboard brings a delicious, no-nonsense appeal. Videos are each about ten minutes long, and Khan Academy is developing a web application of practice exercises (still in alpha testing).

The subject matter is heavily oriented towards math, science, and economics, but maybe one day a few more super-experts will step up to teach the rest of the academic gamut.

2 Responses to “The Only Thing on my TV is Khan”

  1. theciceronian Says:

    maybe someone could teach post-post-Judaism

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