New York Magazine’s Bizarre Assault on Shoes

February 3, 2010

That New York Magazine continues to attack shoes is a fact both troubling and puzzling. After all, shoes may be evil, but, considering the urban shrapnel covering our sidewalks, they’re a necessary one. Can’t we just let bygones be bygones, and recognize that shoes carry with them their own discontents?

Yet the most disconcerting part of their continued attack are their tactics. Gone are the reasoned essays discussing the evolution of feet; in their place: cute children. As a sidebar to their piece on child achievement tests is this answer, in mock child handwriting, to the question: “Why do we wear shoes?”

Yes, it’s true that shoes are a part of the style system, but so is New York Magazine, and there is a reciprocal relationship between the two. Would they really want to live in a world without shoes, ergo a world without shoe advertising? It’s clear that no progress will be made until we adopt a positivist assessment of shoes, reforming the system rather than tearing it down completely.

3 Responses to “New York Magazine’s Bizarre Assault on Shoes”

  1. CT Says:

    Related only tangentially to the topic at hand:

    Thought you might enjoy it anyway

  2. This is exactly the type of comment we enjoy: important and relevant to topics we occasionally cover.

  3. CT Says:

    Glad you liked it, I will now recommence lurking.

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