I Want an iPad AND a Kindle (DX)

February 13, 2010

Apple’s iPad is not the Next Big Thing. It’s not even the next small thing. But it is a sexy thing, and I want one.

Amazon’s Kindle reading device has been creeping along, subtly, as the current big thing for over a year. According to an interview with Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, “for titles that have a Kindle edition, Kindle sales are 48 percent of the physical sales.” Since that interview in December, he’s had to revise his numbers, “When we have both editions, we sell 6 Kindle books for every 10 physical books.”

Since I bought my original Kindle, Amazon has released a larger version, the Kindle DX. It has similar dimensions to an iPad, and I want one.

iPad VS Kindle = Apples VS Oranges

The iPad is a touch-screen tablet computer completely devoid of any external keyboard. Detractors would say it’s just a big iPod Touch. And that’s an accurate criticism, but it doesn’t dissuade a man who has quietly thought to himself, “I would love a giant iPod Touch instead of my laptop.” In my user case, the iPad works as a lighter, thinner, cheaper MacBook Air. While typing for the Salad in a cramped airplane seat or watching Hulu in bed, a physical keyboard is a deterrent. I seek an effective mobile computing device that I can toss into my messenger bag – a true road machine.

The Kindle is a dedicated reading device. It’s every feature is devoted to helping you buy, sort, carry, and read books (and magazines and newspapers). The screen is made with e-ink technology instead of light emitting diodes — a poor platform for any sort of computing, but ideal for reading books. A kindle screen has similar qualities to paper, so you won’t strain your eyes to read lengthy articles. And the battery lasts for weeks – perfect for something you would leave in your bag like a book. And now there’s a big Kindle, and I want it.

I Dream of a Price War

Despite their differences in functionality, the Kindle DX and iPad certainly look the same. And they are shaped the same. And they are priced the same. I hope there will be enough mistaken competition to cause a price war, because right now both of my dream devices are the only representatives of a new class of gadgets. One day there will be a Chrome OS tablet and a giant Nook, but I don’t feel like waiting. Let’s see a price war now.

3 Responses to “I Want an iPad AND a Kindle (DX)”

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