The art of not posting

February 16, 2010

There are many ways in which a person can not post to a blog.  One can lack time, effort, or spontaneity.  But ultimately these speak to a lack of commitment.  Ultimately, if the will to post is there, time can be found, effort expended, and spontaneity forced to the point of irony and beyond, back to authenticity.

These methods are drab and unsurprising. There is no music in laziness, apart perhaps from the tune that can be carried by blowing on an empty moonshine bottle.    Thus, for the edification of the enlightened reader, I present several theoretical methods of not posting.

Method the first:  posting entirely in haiku form. There is no finer way to add challenge to your composition while simultaneously being embarrassed by the end product.

Method the second: writing your posts with a quill pen.  Penmanship is an under-appreciated art form.  More need not be said.

Method the third: attempting to be clever.  See method the first.