One of my favorite personal finance blogs is Get Rich Slowly (yes, there’s no limit to our semi-personal aggregation). I don’t know how I started reading personal finance blogs but I’m sure I’d have a lot more money if I followed even half of the tips. Right now I’m scheming up at least twenty different ways of saving cash for various future endeavors.

For instance, in typical Yesterday’s Salad style I’ve decided to save all my change and deposit it in an interest bearing account. I’m also transferring all my Bank of America “keep the change” over to that account. And I’m not making any withdrawals until the balance is ten thousand dollars. It seems like a suitably large number yet also something I could potentially reach before the end of time. And, the best part: should I ever hit 10k, I’m totally blowing the money on some fancy trip. I’m already 1/200 of the way there.