Current Writers

Dash Hammerskjold: Editor in chief of yesterday’s salad; aeronautical phd student and yiddishist oceanographer. Primarily blogs about movies, TV, and applying literary theory to everyday life.

Vincent Crummels: Formerly of the drink of the day beat (and formerly known as Notwithabangbutawhimper), Crummels has quickly become the web’s leading reviewer of freeware adventure games.

Dale Pickle: One of the newest contributors to YS, Dale Pickle has improbably taken on both the beverage coverage and the politics beat.

Rabbi Dr. Professor Jurgen Haverstam, DHL: A former beverage correspondent. Haverstam now primarily blogs about Religion, Procrastination, and the Religion of Procrastination.

theciceronian: The Ciceronian is Yesterday’s Salad’s own rhetorician. He is particularly fond of double genitives. His life’s stated mission is to save the world from anti-Cicero rhetoric i.e. this. He may also prove fond of Basketball.

Kataphasis: A child formerly raised by wolves who abandoned his lupine heritage in favor of the finer things in life, e.g. bacos and utz cheese balls.  Along the way, he picked up an abiding interest in comix, poetry, and philosophy.  he will fight you to the death if he has to.  or wants to.

codyhess: aka cody the destroyer. NYC stand-up and author/illustrator of the webcomic Request for Cookies. Now lives in SoHo.

sunshinepower: Blogs about sunshine, power, all things energy, and the environment.

Saladeers Emeriti

l.p. mandrake: Former politics editor. The finest humorist of our time. Currently hiding in the deserts of Iowa DC.

ibiteyoureyes: In charge of the “anger” beat here at YS. Most of his posts deal with the mysteries of the modern capitalist system (although he would never put it that way).

‘designed’lateral: Is only occasionally heard from. And usually at least two months late.

6 Responses to “Masthead”

  1. […] Will atone with 10 Hail Nathans and 3 Bloody Marys.  She’s too smart for me anyways.  More D.S.’s league (considering she’s a Yalie and all…).  Anyhow, Elm Rock City, if you […]

  2. a44paco Says:

    thanks for visting my blog and leaving the comment. I agree “Shattered Glass” is a completely underated film. I just saw “Breach” on Wednesday and was very impressed with the film. I enjoyed that film very much. By the way, this is very nice blog. thanks again.

  3. Liati Mayk Says:

    Who is this :o) I guess you are a friend because you sauy so in your blog…and I could probably figure it out if I read all the entries…And the only reason I have a wikipedia page is because someone (without my knowledge) wrote it and published it. And I definitely don’t deserve it, though I probably will someday….

  4. […] on the issues of the day (the strike, Anne Hathaway, pretty feet, and cereal) and have scads of saladeers covering all that is good with society, we also occasionally feature reviews of the best […]

  5. cakes Says:

    hello. cake city reporting from the “real friends” list. which saladeer is responsible for my linkage? and can i get a soul clap?

    • dailysalad Says:

      Hmm…I actually think that you’ve inherited a URL from someone else, a different Cake City blog. But I’m sure we’re all happy to become real friends with you.

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