Blog stats are always depressing. Posts that make serious statements on the world around get little traffic, while those that are entirely inconsequential and happen to mention porn stars or cartoon redheads get loads of traffic (see here if you’re interested in la royaume des gros seins, Brandy Taylor, and here for posts about her cartoon counterpart, Jessica Rabbit).

Yet knowing this didn’t quite prepare me for the fact that the top post on YS today is Mandrake’s “2008 Watch: Why Barack Obama Will Not Be President,” a humor piece written about a year ago. There’s nothing serious about the piece, it’s more an assemblage of witticisms and not-quite witticisms. Nor is there anything topical about it; the jokes are a year old, and it’s premise is bunk.

Of course, that doesn’t stop people from googling “Barack Obama is not president,” or “obama not president,” and being sent here. I’m really not sure what these people expect to find. I don’t have proof that he’s not president, nor do I think that proof exists. On the contrary.

I love conspiracy theories. But even if you don’t believe he’s eligible to be president, he was still inaugurated. And even if today was nothing but simulacra, it was pretty good simulacra, at least third order, to the point where it doesn’t matter any more. The reality and fictionality of this situation would have merged and he’d still be our president. No, not even YS at our most Baudrillardian will endorse an Obama not president hypothesis.

So for those hoping to make YS an imagined community of Obama denialdom: sorry. He is our president and hopefully will be for a long time.

jean-baudrillard.jpgThe Other, by him/self, cannot hope to comprehend the confluence between media and expectation.  As noted phenom and phenomenon Tom Brady was and was not in possession of the “pigskin,” a transient construction of history and sport, revolving between the role of athletics and the genealogy of the elliptical sphere come from cow and pig bladder.  While “passing averages” and “interceptions” may be considered tentative interpretations, there exists no cogent, phallogocentric conception of how the man from San Mateo “set the record for the longest consecutive win streak in NFL history” without critically transcending our ideal of otherness, and in the same breath, managed to diminish the New England Patriots’ ur-definition of “winningest.”  Perhaps we can understand this most simply by comprehending that Most problems, like answers, have finite resolutions. The basis for these resolutions contain many of the ambiguities which conditional man daily struggles with. Accordingly, most problematic solutions are fallible. Mercifully, all else fails; conversely, hope lies in a myriad of polemics. . . .