We’ve written quite a bit as of late about the major influx of readers to Yesterday’s Salad.  Yet, as the number of readers increases, there has been a serious decline in commentary.  The trend is disturbing, and although it’d be easy to peg it to a general decline in civil society and community participation, I can’t help but wonder if our Walken.readers just need the right motivation.  Would help readers to know that their comments matter to us — in fact, commentators have real power here at YS, such as when grizzled ancient JT actually got us to stop talking about the Wire, despite the fact that it is the best series on television (existing on a different plane than YS favorite 30 Rock), and this season is already electrifying contributors to other web magazines.  Even perennial always-a-commentator-never-a-contributor Annie (stop toying with our hearts!) managed to get us to start blogging about the unfair arrangement surrounding the profits of digital media distribution, and that managed to start an industry-wide strike.

So comment early, and comment often; this could be your chance to change history.