Greetings, Foreign Friends!

August 12, 2008

Dash was recently excited to learn that almost 30% of Yesterday’s Salad readers come to us from India. Lo, what divine providence! I can only assume that this is because people from India love reading about developments in global mass transit. To wit, I refer them to the recent news that the inventor of hotmail wants to play a real-life version of Sim City in their fair country, replete with Bus Rapid Transit. My advice to our Indian friends: demand a monorail and/or light rail.

This reminds me of SaladGlobalMedia’s efforts to make a real-life version of monopoly. The pitch: convince a bunch of real-life tycoons to buy and sell properties in Atlantic City whilst being filmed (maybe our use of “whilst” led to all our Indian readers?). Dramatic conflict would ensue as entire neighborhoods would be torn down to build green houses and red hotels. The only parts we haven’t figured out are how to keep large amounts of money in the middle of town without people just grabbing it, and how we can convince our capitalist competitors to spend nights in prison. This idea may only work in Russia.